About Us

Management philosophy
  • Management philosophy
  • Ethical Management Declaration


We warm the world with active social contribution and create the beautiful life of
humanity with valuable technology.


The company extends the employee's values and happiness of members through
level-up customer's lifestyle.

Core Value

  • Creativity
  • Challenge
  • Ownership
  • Integrity
  • Compassion
  • Creativity never fails.

    We build up great success through failures based on endless ideas and creativity.

  • Adventurous challenges make remarkable outcomes.

    We challenge the new without the fear of key journey.

  • Ownership enhances the values of all of us.

    With ownership, we never fall into mannerism and arise the pride.

  • Integrity is the basic concept of every values.

    Ethical integrity is the foundation of a 100-years trust.

  • Compassion enhances empathy ability.

    Warm compassion makes the culture last long and it becomes the beginning of social contribution.

Code of Conduct

The 7 major codes of conduct are the basic standard for all actions,
but we leave the rest to own discretion.

We look through the eye's of the customer, and think as the client’s view.

We support and praise for challenges and encourage for failure.

Every ideas have own insights. Nobody worries with stating one's opinion.

Every opinion should be respected and not ignored during brainstorming.

What I do must not be ashamed of my family and myself.

Making a plan shall be concrete and execution shall be made immediate.

Communication attitude should be with the perspective of "we".