About Us

CEO's Greeting
“SUN&L Interior care for lifestyle level up of our customer”
SUN&L Interior has tried to offer the trustworthy goods and services in furniture, door, and total interior industry since 2003, when it was spun off from the mother company, SUN&L Co., Ltd. established in 1959 and well-known as brands SunFurniture and SunWood.

We are also practicing the sustainable Eco-friendly management through from forest development to primary and secondary processing; manufacturing construction materials, industrial goods, and interior products. SUN&L has been made our businesses vertically integrated as above at the group level, and generates biomass electricity from our Bio-SRF Boiler using wood by-products from the manufacturing process in our factory.

SUN&L Interior regards customer's recognition and trust as the best value, and pursues honest quality management to provide the better quality and service. Also, it is our commitment to market and customer-oriented management in the field of the rapidly changing interior and furniture industry through various and creative R&D activities.

SUN&L Interior will continue to contribute to improving the quality of life beyond the concept of living space and service and also do our best to make our mission reality,

"Creating the beautiful life of humanity and active social contribution."

Thank you.
Chief Executive Officer
Jay Chang